Aarya launched Chennai’s First Men’s Platinum Collection at GRT

Through the ages, the most discerning of men have preferred platinum when it came to their jewellery. From the great Maharajas of India to royalty the world over, this extremely precious metal has featured in the royal repertoire and handed down from generation to generation. Today platinum is fast becoming the metal of choice for the discerning man.

Keeping with this trend, GRT Jewellers, launched a new collection of Men’s Platinum Jewellery for the discerning men of Chennai. The collection was launched by renowned film star Aarya. Speaking at the launch of the platinum collection, Aarya said, “Today’s metrosexual men are conscious and upbeat about what they are wearing and want to be different. We opt for elite and urban designs that are masculine but subtle and yet make a statement with exclusive jewellery. Platinum is truly the perfect choice amongst precious metals for men who want to stand out in a crowd.”

Addressing the media, Mr. Radhakrishnan, MD, GRT Jewellers, “Over the past few years we have seen an increasing demand for platinum jewellery from both men and women. Men are taking to platinum jewellery more so for it’s a new metal that distinguishes them from the rest as it’s a very precious and rare metal which appeals to them. With the launch of this new collection across all our stores, we offer our esteemed male customers a wide range of platinum jewellery including rings, chains, pendants, cuff links, and bracelets. Being a very precious metal, it also offers the buyer an excellent store of value.”

Jewellery today is no more a woman’s indulgence. With the presence of platinum in the market, men too have classy options. The new generation men, who live in urban areas like to try out accessories in the form of jewellery. Platinum has started to become a rage among men in metros.

The look of Platinum and its weight appeals to men as it is understated, yet sophisticated and elegant. The heft and weight of the metal can make for a substantive piece of jewellery without signs of being ostentatious. Platinum appeals to the man’s sense of practicality as the metal withstand the rigors of daily wear. It is a highly precious and valuable metal and therefore satisfies the price and value consideration as platinum offers the wearer exclusivity and unmatched status.

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. It is said that if all the platinum on the earth were to be poured into an Olympic size swimming pool, it would scarcely cover your ankles; gold would fill three such pools. This unmatched rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive. It is seen as a mark of higher status.

Platinum Guild India Quality Assurance Program

In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, Platinum Guild India Pvt. Ltd. has appointed Underwriters Laboratories (UL Inc, USA) to audit and monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ program.

About GRT:

GRT is the most trusted jeweller in Chennai since 1964, associated with the unique ‘RASI’ or good luck charm It is well known for its traditions and customers trust based on great value for money, superlative quality of gold and warm and courteous service. GRT keeps up with tradition and stays ahead of trends in jewellery design by constantly crafting contemporary designs. The talented line of young & trendy designers at GRT introduces and updates their designs every month.

GRT Jewellers showcases the largest selection of designs in Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Designer Jewellery, Rubies & Emerald jewellery and other precious Gems; GRT compliments this range with contemporary pieces that are fashionable and easy on the pocket. GRT has one of the largest collections of Diamond jewellery in South India. GRT was awarded the Best Diamond Showroom in South India by De Beers and also won the best Platinum Retail Store award in India by Platinum Guild International consecutively three times.

About Platinum Guild:

Founded in the year 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) is dedicated to promoting platinum jewellery to the consumers and the jewellery trade worldwide. Headquartered in London, PGI has offices in each of the world’s major jewellery markets – China, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, UK and the USA. Mr. James Courage is the worldwide CEO for Platinum Guild International.

Platinum Guild International set up its India Office in September 2000, with head office in Mumbai and branch office in Chennai. Platinum Guild India runs a comprehensive marketing program to build desire for platinum jewellery in India. It provides platinum Retail Sales Training and conducts a unique Quality Assurance program to ensure quality and purity of platinum jewellery amongst consumers and trade.

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