Udhiri Pookkal on Sun TV

Serial title: Udhiri Pookkal
Star Cast: Chetan, Maanasa (Actor Vikranth’s wife), Shravan, Vadivukkarasi
From: 14th November, 2011 Between 6:30 to 7:00 in SUN TV.
Producer: Home Movie Makers
Producer name:  Sujataa Vijaykumar

The serials HMM have done in the past are unique from each other. Same way this serial is also unique. Each character is framed in positive way mixed with neat emotions keeping the audience expectation and preference in mind. You can witness a different serial altogether. This a true story that makes the serial more interesting. Title song of this serial will be unique. It will be a happy mood song which will convey a strong message to the viewers. Interestingly, Playback singer Manicka Vinaayagam has performed in this song. Music done by Ilakkiyan and lyric is penned by Yuga Bharathi.

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  1. good serial. first serial i like.


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